Project Reviews

Whether the project is in its early development phase, has just been awarded, or is in engineering or in construction, we provide an independent assessment of the progress, the issues, the opportunities and the risks in meeting the company’s project objectives. We also provide recommendations for improvements

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Due Diligence

We generally work as part of the buyer’s team to assess capabilities and risks involved in the target acquisitions. This includes assessing talent, systems and tools to execute project work and reviewing in depth the status and forecast for projects being executed or in the backlog. Our report will serve as a good blueprint of how best to operate and what to expect if the acquisition is completed.

Claim Reviews

It is not uncommon in a project to face the situation of either having to make a claim or defend against a claim. Our team can review, dry run, review written or oral arguments to assess the strength of the claim and to suggest areas of weakness to be bolstered or areas of strength to be reinforced.


Team Functionality

Everyone can agree that a well functioning team produces the best results. In any organization, most employees put their best foot forward when meeting with upper management, well rehearsed presentations, the semblance of a well functioning team. But when the results are not there, the performance is not met; we provide an independent assessment of the functionality of the team, the good, the irritants, the malcontents on a team and the reasons behind these behaviors and recommendations on actions to take to improve performance.

Marketing & Sales

We can carry out an assessment of the marketing, selling, business development and proposal preparation functions to make recommendations on how to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. As typically one of the larger annual budget allocations, questions are regularly raised regarding whether full value is realized for the money spent. Our experience in this arena will provide recommendations for improvements.

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Assessment of talent

We can provide management a thorough assessment of each members knowledge, expertise and fit with the team. We do this through  an in depth 360 degree interview process.