ANEAN Consulting – Energy Consultants

ANEAN Consulting is focused in the project business to providing insightful recommendations and input to executive management on company operations, execution of projects, marketing and sales effectiveness and team functionality.

Based on our company founders’ extensive experience in managing projects and organizations in the oil and gas, power, and engineering and construction sectors, we pride ourselves in fast and thorough assessment of problem areas and offering practical solutions.

Areas of Expertise

ANEAN Leadership

Our consulting work is with companies involved in the project business, whether as an Owner, Engineering & Construction firm, Equity Investor, or as a Construction Company.

Executive management or project management of any company/project faces a myriad of time pressures, conflicting internal opinions and at times a sense of unease that something is not quite right with part of the organization or the project. Early problem identification allows time for management to take appropriate action before the situation has detrimental impact on the investment, or worse, on the company.

ANEAN Consulting provides a fast response, thorough assessment of any problematic situation. Whether the problem is a dysfunctional team, mismatch between capabilities and expectations, poor tools, over-optimistic forecasting, unrealistic schedule, selective reporting of the progress and/or financial, ANEAN Consulting has the expertise to provide management with an independent assessment of the problem areas and to suggest real world solutions to these problems.

ANEAN Consulting  LLC is a minority business and headquartered in Houston, Texas.